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Rain. is there anyone that doesn’t know the rain?. Sometimes we blame the rain because it makes our plan failed. Some people said,” Rain, could you stop?”, but in the other side of the earth people hope it.

Rain(n) :moisture condensed from the atmosphere that falls visibly in separate drops. There is two type human in this world. He/she likes rain or not. Sometimes as human we Never grateful to the god when He give us the rain.

Do you have problem with rain?

because it makes flood, it makes disaster for human.

The problem is not with rain the problem is with you.

Asked yourself what did you do in the past.  Sometimes you throw your garbage wherever you want, and even you said “Others people did it too” then you don’t want to throw it in the right place. Sometimes you also cut the trees as you like. You never consider everything the risk.  After everything you did you blame another person, you blame the government cause they can’t solve your problem.

Do you know everything we did in this world have impact to the world then be wise.

Born in Palu, grew in Palu, Malang, Porto.
Falling In Love with Photography,
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